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Learn more about Middle East Bank, Munich Branch and trading activities in light of EU and US law

Middle East Bank, Munich Branch is an institution within the meaning of Section 53 (1) KWG

As a foreign branch within the meaning of Section 53 (1) KWG, Middle East Bank, Munich Branch is supervised by BaFin and the Bundesbank and is subject to all requirements imposed on German banks

Middle East Bank Tehran is a PJSC (public joint stock company)

The bank maintains the business operations required for the execution of payment transactions on all banking days. On these days we are available for you Monday – Thursday from 09:00 – 17:00 and on Friday from 09:00 – 16:00.

Please note that the cut-off times for payments may differ from business hours. These can be found in our current list of prices and services.

No, Middle East Bank, Munich Branch does not offer currency conversion or cash services.

All transactions for business clients in the humanitarian sector. This mainly includes staple foods, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and anything closely related. 

We examine each case individually and the decision depends on various factors. Therefore, no general answer can be given.

We work with a number of German/European banks. However, their acceptance is usually case-specific (related to the customer or the transaction), therefore no general information can be given. However, we will be happy to check our options if you send us the relevant information.

No, an account is not mandatory to receive transactions from Iran. Middle East Bank, Munich Branch can also offer money remittance services. This depends on the individual case.

Technically, Middle East Bank, Munich Branch is connected to SWIFT/T2 and SEPA and can therefore reach all banks that also participate in these systems.

However, all banks that participate in payment transactions have the option of rejecting payments due to internal regulations, so we recommend that you contact the recipient bank before making the payment(s) and clarify their willingness to receive the payment.

We will be happy to answer any questions you and your bank may have about our GWG and compliance review processes.

Ideally, you should clarify your willingness to accept payments through Middle East Bank, Munich Branch or to make payments to Middle East Bank, Munich Branch with your bank in advance. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

We maintain a direct account relationship with some Iranian banks. Whether we can work with your bank in Iran requires an individual check.

You can send us orders by post, fax or e-mail. Middle East Bank, Munich Branch does not currently offer online banking.

No, Middle East Bank, Munich Branch only supports payments for business clients in the humanitarian sector.

No, Middle East Bank, Munich Branch only offers cashless payments.

This requires a case-by-case assessment. Please send an e-mail to our payment transaction specialists:

We offer accounts exclusively for corporate clients and correspondent banks.

If you are interested in opening an account with us, please send an e-mail to our customer service:

No, Middle East Bank, Munich Branch only establishes a business relationship with business customers.

Our customers can determine the frequency with which they receive their account statements. Among other things, there is the option of receiving a daily account statement.

However, this will only be created and sent if there is turnover in the account, so no statements will be sent on days when there is no turnover, even if the account statements are set to be sent daily.

The corporate language of Middle East Bank, Munich Branch is German. In addition to the German documents, we also offer an English version; the German version is legally binding.

We only accept documents in German and English. If the documents are only available in the national language and this is neither German nor English, we require a version of the document translated by an official translation agency.

Middle East Bank, Munich Branch uses various options to identify and legitimize persons in accordance with the Money Laundering Act. For this purpose, an appointment can be made at our offices in Munich or the Post- or Video-Ident procedure can be used. In addition, some IHK branch offices worldwide offer identification and legitimization in accordance with the Money Laundering Act.

Please contact our customer service by e-mail at so that we can find the best possible option for you.

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Conversion of calendar dates
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