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Middle East Bank

Learn more about Middle East Bank, Munich Branch and trading activities in light of EU and US law

About Middle East Bank

Middle East Bank, Munich Branch was established in 2018 as a branch of Middle East Bank, Tehran. It is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Munich and is subject to banking regulation/supervision by BaFin and Deutsche Bundesbank.

Our primary mission is to provide financial services for trade relations between Iran and Europe, covering the entire value chain of a trade finance specialist bank. Our vision is to be a strong partner for Iranian and European customers as an independent bank with a private ownership structure, offering modern financial solutions and creating added value for all parties involved. Since the start of operations, Middle East Bank, Munich Branch has focused on financial services related to foreign trade between Europe and Iran with transactions in humanitarian goods (agricultural, food or medical products and medicines). Our range of services is tailored to corporate clients. The focus is on payment processing in connection with the trade of humanitarian goods.

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